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Hello Everyone! My name is Richard Lee and I am the owner of Craps
My Way. I play craps professionally and teach folks how I play craps
and win. I designed my business and this craps website for the folks
I meet in and out of the casinos. My site provides me the chance to
provide everyone solid craps information on how I play casino craps
and win. Everyone from the craps virgins to the weekend warriors.
They all want to know how I win at the casinos. I merely tell them
I play "my way"only. I play to win!
I relish what I do and this website helps me educate folks on the
craps game before they lay their money down on the casino craps
tables. Now, are you ready to increase your knowledge of craps?
If you have any questions concerning this website, the casino
craps strategy book, or anything else of importance, please
contact me at my "Contact Us" page.



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Your time is very valuable so I'll get straight to the point. I make my
money playing craps in the casinos, not by selling books on the web.
I do not like to be distracted during a live casino craps game. People
know me. They all want to talk to me. All I want to do is cash in a few
comps, stash some cash in my pockets and run out the door. I have
no time for craps strategy lessons now. Please take my card and
contact me later. Thank you.
I'm not selling a "get rich over night" casino craps strategy system.
What I am selling is "my" casino craps strategy and my casino craps
knowledge on how I play craps and win in the casinos. My casino
craps strategy is nothing new. Casino pit bosses and craps dealers
are very aware of my craps strategy. Ask them about it. They will tell
you it's a real money maker. They really just don't advertise it. It's
just that simple.
There are very many craps strategies out there. Some strategies are
better than others. My casino craps strategy is the best I have ever
played. I've been playing it now for over 20 years. Now, what do you
have to lose? Check out my money back guarantee. Thank you for
your time and if you have any questions email me anytime. Good
luck and I hope to see you soon at the casino craps tables.

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2. Play Craps My Way....I will explain how I play casino craps
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Learn How To Play Craps Game

A Basic Craps Table Layout

Pass Line
Don't Pass Line (Bar 12)
Field - Numbers 2 3 4 9 10 11 12
Don't Come (Bar 12)
Box Numbers 4 5 6 8 9 10
E - Number 11
C - Numbers 2 3 11 12
Seven - Number 7
Hard Ways - Numbers 4 6 8 10
Prop Bets - Numbers 2 3 11 12
Any Craps - Numbers 2 3 11 12
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Learn The Craps Table Layout - Craps Rules - Craps Odds

Craps is all about numbers. The game revolves around the numbers that can be rolled by two dice. The odds are derived from numbers. Winning or losing depends on a variety of different possible outcomes of any roll of two dice, and on which possibilities you bet. Casino craps offers the most player choices and is the game of preference among serious gamblers. It also provides some good odds as low as -.02%. Casino craps looks like a very complicated game and indeed it can be if you decide to delve into many betting options that are available to the player. However, as you will find out, the craps game can also be as simple as you make it. Learn the craps rules and true craps odds before you put your money down on the craps tables. Then play some free craps game online to increase your knowledge of the game. This is a terrific game and it's among the best you'll find in the casinos. Now, let's roll dem bones!

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